The Power of Popular Culture in Education:
History, Music and Visual Imagery

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Artist Statement

Zerric Clinton Ph.D

Creating art has been a part of me since I was a child. In first grade I remember my friends and I having drawing contests. We looked forward to the challenge of competing to see who could draw something the most realistic. At the time I did not realize that this creativity was passed down to me from my parents. Both my parents are very creative and they are highly skilled. So I owe my creativeness and skill in art to them both. As a youngster they promoted my interest in art purchasing sketchbooks, pencils and a variety of other art materials, which encouraged me to continue to draw and pursue a BFA in college. Today my work is based on things that I see or hear through music about things in society. So, my work tells a story about social issues that affect people. Listening to music is a huge part of my creative process as it stimulates my thoughts in terms of the way I use color and create a sense of rhythm. Since I am an abstract artist I use a variety of shapes to shatter the image, which compels the viewer to not only focus on the subject. It also compels the viewer to also pay close attention to the textural qualities and symbolism that exist to add meaning and another dimension to my work. Sometimes I choose to use paint while other times I select dry media. Both lend well to the types of textural qualities and areas of color that I am compelled to employ in my work.